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General terms:

The access, consultation and use of the pages of this web site (defined as "Site") of Unicatt Financial Analysts (defined as "UCFA") involve the acceptance, of the contents of this Disclaimer.

The contents of this Site are for information purposes only and do not represent in any way an offer to sell or solicitation.

UCFA is in no way responsible for the content of any other website through which - via hyperlinks - the User has breached the site and that of the website accessed - via hyperlinks - through the Site, nor for any loss or damage suffered by you for any reason as a result of access by the same websites where the website is accessed.

UCFA is also not responsible for the unavailability of the site, for the update of relevant information, nor for any damages arising from any interruptions, delays or dysfunctions in the Site due to power blackouts, telephone service or failures, Internet failures or circumstances not dependent on UCFA.

Although UCFA tries to protect the IT system of the site against the risk of intrusion and the action of programs direct to damage or disrupt its function, through the adoption of suitable electronic and antivirus systems, it is the User's sole responsibility to equip its electronic instruments used for navigation on the Internet with programs and systems to ensure safe navigation in the telematics and adequate protection against viruses and other harmful programs networks.

Although UCFA’s staff works hard to monitor as much as possible user-generated content, inserted by them under their own responsibility, the staff does not take any responsibility if any content will escape the control of the drafting. Staff then invites users to report from time to time to any suspicious entries or openly defamatory, tacky or suspected or definite copyright infringement of any kind, pledging to review the case as quickly as possible and to take appropriate measures.

Staff UCFA reserves the right to provide an email address and IP address of the authors of these contents if required due to legal issues or at the request of the judicial authorities.

Comments deemed offensive or harmful to the image or repute of third parties, gender spam, racist or contain personal information, not in accordance with the compliance of Privacy and, in any case considered by the authors themselves will be deleted.

Some texts or pictures posted in this blog are taken from the internet and thus considered to be in the public domain; if their publication violated any copyrights, please notify via email. They will be immediately removed. Blog authors are not responsible for linked websites or their content that may be subject to changes over time.

The analyzes, graphics, comments, opinions, operating signals and any other information and/or indication provided within the site are provided for educational and informative character and does not constitute any investment advice, nor they will constitute a solicitation for public savings.

They are intended for all users who are interested in purely educational purposes, research and study on the financial markets.

All the analyzes and information provided have educational/informational purposes only and anyone who uses them for purposes other than those for which they are intended, by investing their savings taking a cue from them, does it in full decisional power and on his own risk.

The site is edited with no guarantee of continuity in regularly from the UCFA team. The contents and the publication can be suspended, interrupted, modified, deleted at any time.

Publications and articles:

Please note that all articles, advice, signs and newspaper content are for capable of understanding and will people, all articles and publications are of a purely informative purpose and should not in any way intended as a substitute for qualified opinions in the discussion areas.

We always recommend that you seek the advice of your trusted legal advisor, to which no one, lacking the qualifications and authorizations, may legally substitute. In no case, the editorial, its staff, or the publisher can be held responsible for any damage whether direct or indirect or for the problems, caused by the use of the aforementioned information or advice.

Therefore, you will use the information under your sole and exclusive responsibility:

For any information or explanations, please contact the operators indicated in the "Contacts" section of the site regarding the specific area of ​​expertise.

By submitting a comment, a photo, or creating a post or other placement in the community or on the site, you grant non-exclusive use in UCFA, who will use them and publish them in any form and by any means, without prior summons.

Staff UCFA reserves the right to block, remove, suspend or delete users, content, tabs, and objects deemed harassing even after documented reports by other users.

This blog is not a journal as it is updated without any periodicity. It cannot, therefore, be considered an editorial product under Italian Law No. 62, 7.03.2001. The information contained in this blog, though provided in good faith and believed to be accurate, could contain inaccuracies or typographical errors.

The authors, therefore, reserve the right to change, update or delete the contents of the blog without notice. The authors are not responsible for what is published by readers in the comments to any post.

All the analyzes and information provided in the site do not necessarily constitute a valid indicator of future prospects of the analyzed securities. It is possible that the writer is either directly and / or indirectly interested as a private investor to the performance of the analyzed securities.

Staff also warn the user that all content on the site (analysis, graphics, comments, opinions, operating signals, and the like), are property of UCFA or property of those who have granted the use to UCFA and CANNOT be reproduced, exchanged, published (copied and played back on other blogs, websites, social networks, or any other form of communication and/or publication via the web or off the web) and/or redistributed, even partially, to third parties in any form, EVEN for NON-COMMERCIAL use, unless explicit authorization by UCFA.


UCFA does not represent in any way the thinking of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart with headquarters at Largo Gemelli, 1 Milan 20123. The articles, contents, nothing that can be found on this website, the internal rules, the promoted activities, operating modes in all areas, neither any element, be it physical or intangible attributable to UCFA is the same way associated with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

UCFA operates therefore in all cases except those specifically intended and consequently authorized by the representative bodies of the Catholic Sacred Heart as an independent association.

Disclaimer: Politica di accessibilità
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